¡!¡ § How To Make Your Own Lava Lamps § !¡!

Lava Lamps!

1)First, fill a small water bottle up with 1/4 water and 3/4 oil ( not to the top or else it will over-flow.

Science Part

The oil and the water will separate because the liquids are immiscible and the oil is hydrophobic so it will repel the water and the water is more dense than the oil.

2)Next, as you can see the liquids are immiscible the oil is hydrophobic so it is repelling the water, take a pipette and add 3 full pipettes of food colouring into your bottle ( you can carefully and slowly agitate the bottle slightly to speed up the process but do not shake it a lot as you have to wait for the oil and water to separate.) This happens because the two liquid particles mix together- this is called diffusion.

3)Finally, and half of and Alka-Seltzer tablet ( a soluble tablet) it will cause a chemical action and the awesomeness will occur. The CO2 rises to the top because it’s less dense than the water and oil.Some of the coloured water travels up because tit surrounds gas which creates a bubble.

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